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Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC): Michael J. Fagel.

ISBN: 9781439838518, Hardcover, 430 Pages, 6.4" x 9.3", Dec. 2010

  • Emphasizes the importance of planning for disasters
  • Provides protocols for operations management and maintaining continuity of operations
  • Describes the role of public health officials
  • Examines specific disaster scenarios, including terrorist attacks, active shootings, and pandemics
  • Explores the impact of social media on emergency management

One of the key findings in many after action reviews following significant events is the need to ensure effective command, control, and coordination across a multitude of response and recovery agencies. Over the past many years, the emergency operations center (EOC) has become the symbol of effective and efficient emergency management.

Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) provides a clear and up-to-date understanding of how an EOC should operate within the guidance of various federal and national programs. It discusses the processes and systems that must be considered in emergency planning and preparedness efforts. The culmination of more than three decades of experience, the text provides time-tested tips for those developing and revising emergency preparedness plans.

The book details the requirements for appropriate training and planning, both validated by a well-designed exercise program. Stressing the importance of consistency with the various national preparedness initiatives, it includes the latest developments and best-practices in the evolving field of emergency management.