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  Human Resource, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery Training  

HRDP - Human Resource Disaster Planning
(2-day Disaster Management Series Course)

Today, the threat of a catastrophe is more real the ever before. Disasters, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, disease outbreaks, and workplace violence, to name a few, have inflicted humans and traumatized company staff and employees, and will continue to do so in the future.

This course takes a human resource oriented approach to emergency and disaster planning. It teaches practical, effective, and successful strategies for managing disasters that impact human resources in the corporate workplace, and addresses issues related to risk prevention, health, safety, and continuity of business operations.

Throughout this course, students will learn techniques for managing the human side of disasters. Students will develop their knowledge of emergency and disaster response methods associated with the following planning areas:

• Emergency Planning
• Workplace Violence
• Pandemic Planning
• Succession Planning

What You Will Learn
By taking this course, students will:
• Learn practical workplace emergency and safety management techniques
• Understand workplace violence and how to prevent it
• Manage workplace employee trauma situations
• Develop employee and human resilience
• Understand the requirements and role of employee assistance programs in disaster situations
• Develop and implement succession planning within the organization
• Acquire skills to prevent and manage infectious disease outbreaks

Workshop Bootcamp Course
This course is comprised of four half day workshops. Each half day workshop is part of Recoverics' series of disaster management workshops designed to help students build upon their existing knowledge and skills through interactive group training sessions. This course includes the following four workshops:

• DM1 - Emergency Planning
• DM2 - Workplace Violence
• DM2 - Pandemic Planning Workshop
• DM3 - Succession Planning Workshop

Who Should Attend
HRDP - Human Resource Disaster Planning is a must for students that are involved in emergency and disaster response. A wide audience will benefit from this course including emergency managers, business continuity planners, health and safety staff, human resource management staff, and anyone responsible for human safety risk.

Students will receive presentation materials and a copy of Leo Syed’s Pandemic Planning Handbook: A Comprehensive Pandemic Influenza Planning Desktop Reference for Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Human Resource Management, Facilities Management, Security, and Health and Safety Professionals.

This course is taught by Leo Syed and Gary Collins. Leo is an author, instructor, and president of Recoverics Inc. He possesses over 20 year of experience in emergency management, pandemic planning, disaster recovery, and business continuity programs. Gary is a senior consultant and instructor for Recoverics Inc. He possesses over 40 years of experience in emergency planning, business continuity, workplace violence, pandemic planning, and health and safety programs.

How to register:   To register or for more information, please contact or call 905-407-3133.

DM-1 Emergency Planning and Workplace Violence (1/2 day Workshop)

DM-2 Pandemic Planning Workshop (1/2 day Workshop)

DM-3 Succession Planning Workshop (1/2 day Workshop)

DM-4 Laws, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Disaster Management Workshop (1/2 day Workshop)