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Recoverics IT (Information Technology) Disaster Recovery Planning Service

Does your company have an effective IT disaster recovery plan (IT service continuity plan) to recover IT systems, applications, and data?


Recoverics IT Disaster Recovery Planning Service will help your IT staff to assess, develop, and implement an effective IT disaster recovery plan that focuses on recovery of IT systems, applications, and data.  The IT disaster recovery plan (also known as IT service continuity plan) supports recovery of your company’s critical business functions and processes. The plan will identify and prioritize systems, applications, and information used by your organization, and define recovery steps and procedures needed to return to normal business operations. 

Through this service, our team of highly skilled and experienced disaster recovery planning consultants will help you to:

  • Assess business functions and processes to identify critical systems, applications, and data to support business recovery
  • Prioritize recovery of IT systems and applications
  • Identify IT risks and impacts associated with a an IT outage
  • Implement IT procedures, steps, and controls to reduce or eliminate risk
  • Develop an effective IT disaster recovery plan
  • Identify backup and off-site storage requirements  
  • Establish disaster recovery time requirements such as Maximum Tolerable Downtimes (MTD’s), Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s), and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s).
  • Test and maintain your IT disaster recovery plan.

Recoverics will educate, train, and support your IT recovery team throughout the plan development process. 

If your organization requires an IT Disaster Recovery Plan and IT Disaster Recovery Planning services, please contact us at We can help.